Thank you Jon & Judith for commissioning this piece, it was such an honor to bring your vision to life, marking this next chapter of your journey, putting down new roots, and growing freely into new possibilities!
This diptych is composed of two 30x48 inch canvases, and was painting using acrylic, watercolor, ink, and a touch of color pencil.

Come watch me and tons of other amazing artists live paint at Tattoo Masquerade in Denver!

Find me set up at the Art Student's League of Denver's Summer Art Market
June 10th - 10am-6pm
June 11th - 10am-5pm
2nd and Grant
I will be exhibiting a bunch of new originals here to the public for the first time,
so don't miss your chance to get one! They will all be for sale!!

New art by @SpiritPervadesMatter
In case you couldn't tell, I have been really inspired by anime lately, lol, so look out for more paintings are drawings in this style!
This one it an 8x10 acrylic painting on canvas board entitled Friendhship. It's about love, support, and companionship!
This girl loves her fairy friend despite the fact that he is so different from her; 
I think we can all use a reminder of the importance of loving and serving one another no matter what.

Just finished a new ink and pencil drawing, it's called Smiley, and it is just meant to be playful, uplifting, and fun! Prints are now available through etsy! Click Here!

Doodle for Valentine's Day, inspired by love, romance, and friendship. It's about companionship, support, and trust.
Prints now available on Etsy - Click here! 

This is an acrylic on canvas painting I started this week, I call it I Lift My Eyes, inspired by my faith, and this practice of looking to God, trusting Him to provide for me, and to give me strength, and the belief that my hope and my help, comes from Heaven, and from Jesus. "For I can do all things, through Christ that gives me strength," Philippians 4:13. I have been drawing inspiration from anime, pop surrealism, and low brow, and incorporating them into my style. More to come! Enjoy! And God Bless!
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